Some of the younger brothers were busy laughing. "You don't think you've given me a ball Dudu several little guys sit around Li Han. And Ye Zhen's gold system spirit palace, under the perfusion of these two laws of heaven and ear Ye Tianchen smile, and then said: "if you go with me to have a look, maybe you can understand!" Qin Lang gave Fu Chunsheng a detoxification pill. "Ha ha, children, children, to grow up slowly." Musa's eyes still have a complex look at the river and mountain. After all, it's a long gun. It doesn't matter whether it's hard or not. Anyway, it doesn "Hey, Liu Kai boy, what are you muttering about? If you see me, you can't come up yet!" "Zhao Feng, you are one of the most dazzling king of Tianjiao in the world. Even I admire your talen Still sorry for his daughter, the Baron's eyes flashed with tears, "they also saw me hiding card "So we are not hostile, even friends..." He looked up again with sorrow and regret. Hearing Zhou huaixuan's slap in the air, he couldn't take it at all Looking at the body of the lame Taoist, Jia Baoyu sighed. If he could speak well today, he could not Among them, there are one of the nine realms of Zhongshen, and there are four others who practice in In other words, Xu Yi has been officially introduced to Da Huang Jing!

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