This is not the heart of the school, even the bartender knows, don't know why against themselves After leaving three strong men who are still obsessed with martial arts, Liu Dong followed Wei Chai And this person, of course, is Bai Ming of the Phoenix nationality. There were flames everywhere, smoke plumes rising everywhere, people's corpses everywhere, and d "Boy, I will let you know how to speak today!" "It should be the same person who can motivate the existence of the top who controls the real fire o "How many of his men are willing to be loyal to the cat God?" Now, Zheng Haoyu will fight Tu Qianzhang. In the eyes of his disciples, this is the first battle ahe However, if Emmanuel is not willing to take charge of the naval forces in the coastal area, we can&# In the war between man and wolf, Jiangshan won the full victory, but also paid a very painful price. The most influential people are not those who are left with short titles. This is the best way to show your strength. Zheng Xingchen eyebrows slightly wrinkled, cold way: "boss Tang, this person should not be your Liuy They are very careful to remove the rest of Yunhe flower, leaving only one stamen, which naturally g The major general hesitated for a moment. "Well, because Nana happened to be here at that time." The previous war with Fengzi has fully proved this point. At the moment, the leading man said in a deep voice: "you talk too much nonsense. Since you don'

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