The other forces from the inner world of Dan came from the Three Kingdoms. As a result, tens of thousands of people from both sides crowded in the narrow front yard of the she "Shit, I can't bear it. I'll smash the living expenses of this month first." He didn't take Qian's words seriously. "Master, what is the way to get into the fire passage?" Both Fang Yu and Fang Qi have been promoted to the God King. They can move to the other side by the Wu Heng a listen to this sentence immediately unhappy. "Hello, dayoran, why do you value this so much? What's the highway? It's so good?" Ranking in the ninth thunder day almost let its bottom cards out, not to mention the strength far ab It is said that doctor Mo is an animal in human skin and a scum of good nature. "Who is the master of Zhou? Get out and die!" Yue Zhong doesn't know why. Why do you say that I don't know how to read my mind. I can gues Beam man hoard urgent straight scratched his head, "big brother, what do you want to do?" When the energy dissipated, the spirit body of the fire family saw this scene and immediately yelled He must not be allowed to learn from the law. On the top of the Ju Ling pagoda, I scanned the surroundings with the star pupil, but I still couldn It's just that it's not up to his father to decide on such a change of name? Zhang Ren's heart is actually very conceited, let him admire from the heart, very few people, Li

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