Blue tilted in a daze, the corner of his mouth moved for a moment, and finally reluctantly called: " After all, when it comes to the transformation stage, erudition is not a rare thing. Xu Ni is a swor "That's all right. I've taught you a lesson just now. That's all. Well... In fact, I wan Although they all said so, they were actually very nervous. "That guy doesn't die that easily. I'm just worried that he'll find a woman again. I don "If it was dilanyue, she would have a way?" What a wise man Yuwen Rong and Li Linfu are, they hit a ha ha and then switch to other topics. At this time, Ye Ming saw Guo's embarrassment, At this time, a Zun in the south of the Yangtze River rushed to all walks of life. Around many master level broken masters are face discoloration, is this the master of heaven and ear However, the Portuguese are not bad, they and the Spaniards reached a cooperation agreement earlier. But now, Wei Guchang actually told them that there were four virtual King states in the dark star, a When Chen Jiu left, he shook his head and sighed. As soon as he entered the gate, it was as deep as "It turns out you've been worried about it." Huang Yu did not reply, or refused. Gao Tianxin was still calm and did not show disappointment. He c Every object with long range is pouring its own ammunition crazily, because of the positioning of re "I, Zeus, Goat Star orange right commander." Several bodyguards just took a look, one by one jumped down from the roof, shouting.

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